Big Google Pixel 3 camera bug set to be squashed soon

Big Google Pixel 3 camera bug set to be squashed soon

That's the issue that faced some Google Pixel 3 owners recently, where there is an apparent tendency to for the handset to not save images that have been taken. You might want to think twice before you jump to the cheaper side, however.

Users are being told that Pixel sets a limitation for third-party charging accessories and is afraid that even its fast wireless charger can only provide 5W for these 2x devices.

The fast-charging incompatibility was pointed out to Android Police by a reader, and the site also says that the phone reports fast charging with third-party devices even though they're only operating at 5w. Per Android Police, a fix for Google's latest smartphone is on the way. Another oddity is that the Pixel 3 displays "Charging rapidly" while on a 5W or 10W wireless charger, which is not correct, especially when the wired charger is 18W.

Google's forums lit up earlier this week with news of the bug with users reporting that photos were being lost "multiple times".

We've long had fast wireless charging pads on the market, but now that Google is back in the wireless charging game, there's a bit of controversy going on around how the company is limiting charging on its devices. Using the Ampere app, we found that the maximum to be a middling 480mA (4.8W). It supports 10W wireless charging, which supports the Qi wireless charging standard, but these are two different things.

Why Is the Google Pixel 3 XL Slower Than the iPhone XS Max?

And while it's noticeably tardy to party as far as 2018 flagships are concerned, the Pixel 3 XL was run through the typical field of benchmark tests over the weekend, which unfortunately didn't do much to bolster its case. You know what Anker's new fast charging stand costs? $30. Qi is a standard, and a phone should strive to work with every charger. Third-party chargers are capped to a pokey 5W charging speed.

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