Video site YouTube experiencing a worldwide outage

Video site YouTube experiencing a worldwide outage

The outage apparently also affected YouTube TV and YouTube Music access. YouTube has over a billion users, and every minute, over 100 hours of footage is uploaded to the site.

YouTube says they're now working to fix access issues, after users reported outages all over the world.

The United States Philadelphia Police notified citizens not to dial 911 regarding the YouTube downtime because they said they couldn't fix it.

For some, the screen different message-"invalid response" with a blank screen and for others, it showed "YouTube 503 Error".

When everything was back up and running, the Twitter account added, "We're back!" "We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated", it wrote.

About an hour ago, the YouTube services went down showing an error 503.

The Google-owned video streaming service was not working as of Tuesday night.

As of around 10:00 am, the reports seem to have died down on Downdetector, indicating that the service is getting back online. Users could not access YouTube content for a long time. One can expect Google to release a detailed report on what transpired, for the benefit of the users and the experts.

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