Abrams: Trump is 'wrong', I am qualified to be Georgia's governor

Abrams: Trump is 'wrong', I am qualified to be Georgia's governor

"This ain't Hollywood, this is Georgia - and Georgia wants a governor that's going to put Georgia values and Georgia first", Mr Pence said at a rally for Mr Kemp this week.

The Georgia Secretary of State's office on Sunday announced a last-minute investigation into the Georgia Democratic Party for "possible cyber crimes". "I absolutely am voting for her", Denise replied.

Voters in Georgia are receiving a racist, anti-Semitic and sexist robocall, as a white supremacist group pretends to be Oprah Winfrey to go after Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Mike Pence, who was in town to stump for Kemp said, "I heard Oprah was in town today and I heard Will Ferrell was going door-to-door the other day". Abrams has called for Kemp to resign.

The actress is set to hit the campaign trail for Abrams this week and gave a heartfelt speech at Thursday's event.

Abrams would be the nation's first black female governor.

Staunch conservative Kemp, who embraces Trump's hard-line on immigration, brandishes a gun in his campaign ads, blasts Abrams as a tool of "socialists" and "Hollywood elites" who "want to turn Georgia into California". 11th hour, cynical ploys come as no surprise from Brian Kemp, a man who raided the offices of organizations who register people to vote and had a woman arrested for helping her blind father cast his ballot.

"This political stunt from Kemp just days before the election is yet another example of why he can not be trusted and should not be overseeing an election in which he is also a candidate for governor", the Georgia Democratic Party's executive director, Rebecca DeHart, said in a statement. By the way, what did Kemp ever do aside from running against a black opponent?

More than 1.5 million of the state's nearly 7 million registered voters have cast ballots already.

Kemp's office says that eligible voters on the "pending" list can still vote if they bring a proper ID that substantially matches their registration information.

But critics say county officials aren't always trained to make the proper determination and the system can be particularly hard to navigate for recently naturalized citizens.

According to the Washington Post, the "exact match" law flags voter registrations that are found to have discrepancies, and voters are allowed to settle any issues by providing proof of identity. The state barred these voters from voting, claiming they could not confirm their citizenship, leading to the voting rights group to sue the state.

In a statement, Kemp said the lawsuit forced the state "to waste time and taxpayer dollars for the judge to tell us to do something that we already do".

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