Boris Johnson's brother resigns and calls for a second Brexit referendum

Boris Johnson's brother resigns and calls for a second Brexit referendum

Theresa May's domestic woes deepened last night after Jo Johnson resigned as a transport minister, declaring her approach to Brexit a failure on a scale not seen since Suez.

There have been more threats to defeat the deal and more claims a No Deal Brexit can be stopped. What we can do is recognise the reasons why people voted leave.

The government has not yet agreed a withdrawal deal with the European Union, ahead of the UK's exit from the bloc next March.

The Irish government did not want to see any new borders between Ireland and Northern Ireland, he said, and that the point of the backstop, which in some forms the DUP opposes as it could lead to the separation of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, was to protect an open border.

Theresa May's hopes of winning parliament's backing for her Brexit deal have been plunged into fresh doubt after Jo Johnson resigned from the government and accused her of offering MPs a choice between "vassalage and chaos", The Guardian reported.

However, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn distanced himself from Mr Johnson's demand for a new Brexit vote.

Labour's Shadow Science Minister Chi Onwurah MP tells Business Insider: "If the choice is between a second referendum and a deal which is bad for Britain then I would go for a second referendum".

In marked contrast to his brother, who remains firm that leaving the European Union without a deal would be no bad thing, and resigned because he believed the deal being negotiated was too soft, Mr. Jo Johnson called for a second referendum. That should be a "meaningful vote" in Parliament, she said.

"We make sensible contingency plans for all kinds of eventualities, whether it's a terrorist attack, or whether it's a tanker drivers' dispute, or industrial action or whatever else it might be", Carter said. The group wants a referendum on the final withdrawal deal.

"The policy adopted by the Labour party conference in September was for all options to be open - including a vote with remain as an option on the ballot paper - if Labour can't get a general election". Mr Corbyn has said he would respect the result of the vote.

He acknowledged that a no-deal Brexit could result in "Kent becoming the Lorry Park of England", with real questions about guaranteeing supplies of food and medicines.

However, any deal that is reached will rely on votes from a majority of MPs in the Commons.

Sir Keir said: "I remain as convinced as ever that the consequences of no deal would be so severe that it can not be allowed to happen".

When May was presented with the alternate proposal, she told the ministers that their plan "was not needed yet" but it was greeted with a "surprisingly warm response" from Finance Minister Philip Hammond, the Sun said.

"I think people are going to be getting behind this deal and saying "yeah, let's get on with it".

"It is no good just not liking individual aspects".

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