California wildfires deadliest in state's history

California wildfires deadliest in state's history

As the names were made public late Tuesday, additional crews joined the search, and the statewide death toll climbed to at least 51, with 48 dead in Northern California and three fatalities in Southern California.

A statement from the couple says they "are very grateful to be safe along with their animals". There is no rain in the forecast, though, until possibly Thanksgiving.

The Woolsey Fire is 9.8 times the size of Logan.

"It's been a heartbreaking few days", Hemsworth said.

"We're finding remains in various states", he told reporters.

In addition to the Camp Fire, two smaller fires in southern California have killed two people since last week. I was one of the lucky ones, my home was only partially destroyed.

Suggested target locations for arson attacks, the magazine stated, "include houses and apartment buildings, forest areas adjacent to residential areas, factories that produce cars, furniture, clothing, flammable substances, etc., gas stations, hospitals, bars, dance clubs, night clubs, banks, auto showrooms, schools, universities, as well as churches, Rafidi [Shiite] temples, and so forth".

Our hearts are with the communities impacted by the Camp Fire. My heart aches for all those who lost their homes and their lives in California.

Megan James, of Newfoundland, Canada, searched via Twitter from the other side of the continent for information about her aunt and uncle, whose house in Paradise burned down and whose vehicles were still there. She said detectives are concerned they will be overwhelmed by calls from relatives if the entire list is released.

"His world is pretty much flipped upside down", Bartek said Tuesday. "That's tough to deal with as well".

This N That, a consignment store in Paradise, is overrun by flames.

"Before, you always have hope", she said.

"If you're going to die, die fighting", she said, tearfully recalling his words.

"As I was checking to see if someone's house was standing we stumbled upon this [horse] who had given up and had the look of defeat in her eyes".

The good news here is that it appears from the photo that the fire didn't reach this particular area.

The question that immediately jumps to mind is whether or not the horse knew what it was doing when it took an impromptu dip in the pool. That's bigger than the size of Atlanta.

Forensic investigators searched a community swimming pool for victims of the Camp Fire in the town Paradise. As of Tuesday, the inferno was 35% contained. The blaze has torched 97,114 acres.

Beyond the loss of homes, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said the fire had destroyed "deep infrastructure" - power lines, water lines, sewers, roads, and lights - "and other things that make a city a city". The fire stormed through Paradise, leaving behind near-total devastation.

The wildfire is about 47 percent contained and burned several hundred more acres as firefighters entered their seventh day contending with the blaze.

The Woolsey Fire burned 93,662 acres as of Monday evening, including 83 percent of all National Parks Service land in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, according to Cal Fire.

"We're starting to get a handle on this fire", he said.

Earlier on Tuesday, two more men were found looting and arrested into Butte County jail.

Honea said his office is bringing in more resources to expedite the grim tasks of processing and identifying human remains. As part of those efforts, CHP teams removed 60 abandoned cars and set up barriers around unsafe areas. As many as 250,000 people were ordered out at the height of the fire.

"Most of the residential [area] is gone".

More than 5,600 firefighters are working to contain the blaze, while teams have been deployed to survey some of the worst-hit areas.

Cal Fire tweeted a map showing all the states where firefighters are coming from - including Alaska, Indiana and Georgia.

The blaze is the deadliest and most destructive in recorded state history.

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