IPad Pro 11 gets put through scratch, burn and bend testing

IPad Pro 11 gets put through scratch, burn and bend testing

Apple recently launched the new iPad Pro with a better design and improved specs which makes the device faster and it looks more durable than it's predecessors.

One of the reasons outlined in the video is that it is "more powerful than most computers", before showing it being used for gaming and other power-intensive functions.

Though various reports of bending iPad Pro tablets have emerged, as it stands it seems that the issue isn't widespread.

That may be true, but it's still alarming to see just how fragile the newly released iPad Pro actually is.

The takeaway here is that you should probably be mindful of the way you treat a tablet that can run you almost a grand or more, depending on storage and display size.

It's unusual for Zack to do this for a tablet, but the results are very interesting nevertheless. I do agree that the no one is going to sit with iPad in the back pocket but there's a chance that they might sit on the tablet by accident.

Nelson tested out the 11-inch display, the smaller of Apple's iPad Pro models. He stated that the bending and cracking happened due to the single microphone hole on the left and Apple Pencil's magnetic charging area on the right.

The iPad Pro testing starts with a screen scratch test that shows marks turn up beginning with a level six hardness pick, standard for glass scratching according to the video. Most consumers won't be trying to bend their tablets, and it goes without saying that you should protect it at all costs if you spend the money to add a new iPad Pro to your collection. You will of course not do this to your iPad Pro, but after seeing this video you'll probably double check for risks of sitting on it.

Swapping the lightning port for USB Type-C has definitely helped Apple's cause, even though its operating system doesn't support external storage devices.

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