Man who strangled wife, killed his 2 girls sentenced to life

Man who strangled wife, killed his 2 girls sentenced to life

District Attorney Michael Rourke recounted the manner of the deaths - Shanann was strangled, and the couple's two young girls were smothered.

Rzucek added: 'They were loving and caring people. "Why would you do this?" "Your faithful wife trusted you".

'Let me tell you something, I will think of them every day of my life. Prosecutors have said the reports would be released after Christopher Watts' sentencing. "I didn't want death for you because that's not my right".

For days after he killed them, Watts pretended not to know what had happened to them and made shifty appearances on national television. "I am still struggling to understand how and why this tragedy occurred".

"He fooled us. And I'm so sorry".

'You monster. You thought you would get away with this.

Friends of Mrs Watts and neighbours lined up inside the courthouse on Monday morning to see him being sentenced, while more watched on a video stream in an overflow room. "We still don't have all the answers, and I hope one day, Chris, you can help us". He rarely looked up during the proceeding - not even when his mother turned around to face him and tearfully said, "We have loved you from the beginning and we still love you now".

A friend asked police to check on Shanann Watts on August 13 after not being able to reach her and growing concerned that the 34-year-old expectant mother had missed a doctor's appointment.

"My kids are my life", he told ABC Denver affiliate KMGH. "Those smiles light up my life".

Watts, stoic except for a brief moment when he wiped an apparently tear-streaked cheek on his shoulder, apologized for the crime through his court-appointed lawyer Kathryn Herold.

Watts told the station his wife came home from the airport about 2 a.m., and he left for work about 5:15 a.m. But he declined to speak. "He had a desire for a fresh start".

At today's hearing, the district attorney alleged that Shanann Watts had been trying to save the marriage for weeks - texting her husband and buying self-help books, even as he shopped for jewellery and holiday spots to take his "new love".

Besides pleading guilty this month to all three murders and causing the death of his unborn son, Nico, Watts admitted to tampering with their bodies.

He murdered his victims at home, drove their bodies to an oil field, buried his wife in a shallow grave and dumped the girls in separate oil tanks.

In August, Chris Watts spoke out to reporters, saying his wife and daughters disappeared without a trace, leaving her purse and keys at home.

Before learning he would never walk out of prison Monday, Chris Watts sat at the defense table, head down and leg bobbing, as his mother told him she loved him and his slain wife's family called him a monster.

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