Officials say Fly Jamaica aircraft overshoots runway, multiple injured

Officials say Fly Jamaica aircraft overshoots runway, multiple injured

Officials say a Fly Jamaica Boeing 757-200 aircraft has overshot the runway at Guyana's main global airport, injuring several people.

The Fly Jamaica plane which was en route to Toronto is said to have developed a "technical problem".

Fly Jamaica is an airline headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica and commenced operations in 2013.

Flight Alerts, a Twitter account monitoring aircraft, reported the plane overshot the runway and crashed into a fence.

The injuries suffered by the passengers were not life-threatening.

The Boeing 757 aircraft with 118 adults and two infants on board was forced to return to the CJIA minutes after its departure for Canada because of technical difficulties and over ran the airstrip on the emergency landing.

Guyana's public infrastructure minister, David Patterson, planned to provide a detailed report on the incident Friday.

While the pilot tried to make the emergency landing he was unable to to get the aircraft to cpmpe to a complete stop before reaching the end of the runway. "We are providing local assistance and will release further information as soon as it is available", it added.

At a local press conference, it was announced that there were 82 Canadians on board. However, he noted that the extended runway, though not opened at the time, served to cushion the impact.

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority is leading an investigation and the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, which automatically assists with inquiries under worldwide rules, was notified, officials said.

"We were in the air flying for 15 minutes and captain said there is a hydraulic problem, and turned the plane back. captain dumped fuel and then landed".

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