Steam Link hardware faces permadeath

Steam Link hardware faces permadeath

Initially released back in November 2015, the Steam Link has been a really nifty little device that struggled to really gain wide adoption.

First released all the way back at the end of 2015, the Steam Link is a small internet-enabled streaming box created to bring basement-dwelling PC gaming all the way into the living room. The device has been sold for less and less money over time, and now it's not being sold at all.

"The supply of physical Steam Link hardware devices is sold out in Europe and nearly sold out in the US", Valve wrote in the Steam news post. Though not the first PC streaming solution, it was by far the most prevalent. Valve also has an app that lets a smartphone function in much the same way, or steams the games to itself instead.

At the time of writing the Steam Link can be had on Steam for $60, but stock does seem to be running low.

And while Valve's very brief announcement doesn't officially state why they're getting out of the STB business, the more recent development of the Steam Link App paints a very clear picture.

Finally, for their part, Valve is reiterating that they will still continue supporting all forms of Steam Link, app and STB.

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