The rock concert was a book tour

The rock concert was a book tour

During an interview that aired Sunday with ABC's Robin Roberts, pegged to Obama's forthcoming memoir "Becoming," Roberts noted that Laura Bush had told her successor that she was there for her if she needed.

A digest of the top political stories from the Globe, sent to your inbox Monday-Friday. "It took me several months in the White House before I could take a deep breath because I knew that this transition wasn't going to take them out".

She might not be behind the claustrophobic walls of the White House but she definitely is living the time of her life along with former President and husband Barack Obama. Back when Trump was a reality TV star on NBC, he also headed the birther movement, claiming President Barack Obama held the office illegally because he was not a citizen born in this country.

Obama then talks about the pressure of being the first black family to reside in the White House.

"My mom said, 'I'm not teaching them how to wash their socks".

"I felt lost and alone and I felt like I failed", Obama said, which is further explained in her upcoming memoir, Becoming.

It is a thorough reflection with deep mesmerizing storytelling told in the First Lady's own words.

"If you find yourself chronically disappointed in one element of your marriage, or in a subset of elements of your marriage, one of the really good ways of dealing with that is to think about: Is it really essential that I try to meet this need in particular through the marriage?"

"I don't know what to tell you".

She writes that she'll "never forgive" him for promoting the "birther" conspiracy that her husband was not born in the U.S. She describes his claims as risky and says they put her family at risk of being attacked by "kooks". Along the way, she showed us a few dance moves, crushed Carpool Karaoke, encouraged healthier eating habits for Americans, and raised two down-to-earth daughters under an unforgiving media glare. Even transitioning into life as a private citizen, Obama says that opening a window at home would trigger a flurry of security concerns.

"One of the things you learn as a former [first lady], it's, like, I don't judge what a current [first lady] is doing, you know?" I started asking for help, not just from him, but from other people.

During his political campaigns, though, the seesaw of their marriage tipped toward him; Obama writes that "it was nearly as if every day he were forced to cast another vote, between family and politics, politics and family".

"They're like, "what's that" and I'm like, "Yep, we're in the real world now, fellas".

"But voters make those decisions". I love you so much.

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