Trump says asylum seekers must go to ports of entry

Trump says asylum seekers must go to ports of entry

A new caravan of Salvadoran migrants.

Yesterday, Trump said the United States could send as many as 15,000 troops to the border to confront the migrant caravan, more than twice the number previously disclosed by defence officials. "We don't do stunts in this department", he said.

Trump has sought to use immigration as an issue to motivate Republican voters ahead of the November 6 elections, where Republicans will seek to maintain control of both congressional chambers.

He will host 11 rallies across eight states in the next six days.

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"Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant children are made automatic citizens every year because of this insane policy", Trump said at the rally, "and they are all made instantly eligible for every privilege and benefit of American citizenship at a cost of billions of dollars a year".

Reported by the Wall Street Journal, a total of 5,000 troops will be deployed to the southwest border by the US military.

The Trump administration is deploying troops on the United States border to stir up the president's political base, even though a migrant caravan traveling through Mexico poses no threat to U.S. national security, House of Representatives Minority Leader Pelosi said. Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin McAleenan estimated the caravan at around 3,500 people, as well as another group between Guatemala and Mexico of about 3,000 people.

It's unclear whether the restrictions would apply only to those traveling in the caravans or would extend beyond the caravans to all people trying to enter the country.

However, according to the department's own figures, the number of illegal immigrants intercepted in 2018 was only 400,000, down 25 percent on the figure in 2000.

Defense Secretary James Mattis pushed back against that assertion by critics Wednesday, telling reporters, "We don't do stunts". Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida said about 2,300 of them so far have applied to stay in Mexico under a government plan, and hundreds more have accepted assisted repatriation.

Trump has rejected the idea he has been "fearmongering" and using the issue for political purposes, but his escalating rhetoric in the final days of the campaign season calls that denial into question.

On Tuesday, Trump made a politically tricky visit to Pittsburgh, accompanied by his wife Melania, Orthodox Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka.

Just 24 hours later, Trump caught the Pentagon by surprise. In a morning tweet, he said the right to citizenship for babies born to noncitizens on American soil "will be ended one way or the other". He said that number would likely grow even larger.

Starkly illustrating the controversy, there wasn't anyone available, beyond the local air force base commander and his wife, to meet the president on arrival from Washington.

"Nobody's coming in", he also told reporters.

"Our military is being mobilized at the Southern Border".

"Small protest was not seen by us, staged far away", he said. "That is not in line with what we've been planning".

Trump spoke on the way to a Florida campaign stop as a fourth caravan began forming, and after the Pentagon on his orders was dispatching 5,200 U.S. military forces to the U.S. -Mexico border.

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