UFC 230 Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC 230 Post-Fight Press Conference

"Two belts, one on each shoulder baby!" That dude actually got in so much s**t that they just said, "Here, DC, you can just have the belt back" the last time after he knocked me out. "Like my man Jon Anik says, 'History in the making".

He backed up his boast with authority in NY.

Cormier's Olympic-level wrestling proved too much for the heavy hitting Lewis.

Daniel Cormier became the first man to successfully defend titles in two different weight-classes with a dominant victory over Derrick Lewis.

Lewis spent most of the first round on his back, but started the second round connecting with some shots to Cormier's face.

Cormier had a quick takedown in the first round and turned in a dominant yet boring effort to easily take the round.

"Brock and I haven't talked in a little while".

Cormier, who accepted this fight on just three weeks' notice, is now 15-0 in his career as a heavyweight fighter.

In the post-fight interview, Cormier said, "Brock Lesnar, when you come bring that brand new WWE title so I feel like being the WWE champion too".

"They could do it at WrestleMania match because Cormier I think would be open to do one match you know because he's a big fan". Brunson pressured Adesanya and worked to get the fight to the ground but couldn't control the Nigerian.

Lesnar once again became WWE Universal champion after defeating Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel on Friday night. Lesnar is still serving a suspension imposed by USADA until January of 2019. Cormier took his back and forced him to tap out.

"The Black Beast" said he was loosening up as the bout progressed, but Cormier managed to finish him off before he could truly get in a groove.

Lewis propelled himself to the title bout with a thunderous victory over Alexander Volkov at UFC 229.

"What a guy Derrick Lewis is".

"Winning the heavyweight title to me would be really good for people who were in my situation to see that life is not over", said Lewis. He celebrated with his family in the cage as Lewis trudged out, still in his trunks unlike the last fight that made him a quick star.

You never know how one thing can change another in time and there's always the possibility that you might never expect how different things could have been if things would have been different.

The main event had history, if not the thrills of the earlier bouts.

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