AWS offers hybrid cloud with on-prem hardware, VMware help

AWS offers hybrid cloud with on-prem hardware, VMware help

"By removing common challenges associated with reinforcement learning, giving developers the chance to have some fun, and providing them a complete autonomous model racing auto along with AWS machine learning services like Amazon SageMaker, we are putting every developer in position to experiment with reinforcement learning and machine learning".

Amazon Web Services (AWS) made a hybrid cloud splash yesterday during its re:Invent conference with the announcement of Outposts, a new service where AWS delivers pre-configured racks to your premises where AWS services can be run as though it were in their data centre.

AWS RoboMaker uses cloud services to help developers to develop, test and deploy robotics applications, as well as build intelligent robotics functions.

The new SageMaker updates include SageMaker RL, which was created to make it easier for developers to build, train and deploy machine learning tools, including low cost, automatic data labeling and reinforcement learning (RL).

"Amazon Elastic Inference opens new doors that enables us to explore running workflows more cost effectively at scale".

Analysts said the AWS/VMware services are a step in the right direction for customers blending public and private-cloud entities. To learn more about the DeepRacer League, visit:

The service also features an integrated development environment, a fully managed simulation service with pre-built virtual 3D worlds such as indoor rooms, retail stores, and race tracks so users can download, modify, and use these worlds in their simulations. SageMaker Neo supports hardware platforms from NVIDIA, Intel, Xilinx, Cadence, and Arm, and popular frameworks such as TensorFlow, Apache MXNet, and PyTorch.

Amazon Comprehend Medical uses natural language processing to simplify the process of using machine learning to extract pertinent information from unstructured medical text, such as medical notes, prescriptions, interview transcripts, and pathology and radiology reports. Comprehend Medical complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). You pay only for what you use and there are no minimum fees or upfront commitments.

AWS also announced a $399 autonomous toy vehicle - AWS DeepRacer - for developers to test some of their own self-driving programs.

Missing the mark with a forecast can have a significant impact, such as being unable to meet customer demand or significantly over-spending.

The new offering positions Amazon well to compete with other analytics service providers - perhaps most notably, UnitedHealthcare's Optum - and to support its still-unnamed partnership with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway. Amazon says patient data is encrypted and can only be unlocked by customers who have a key, and that no data processed will be stored or used for training its algorithms. It is not a blockchain platform, but to use in conjunction with Amazon's blockchain product to "maintain a complete and verifiable history of data changes".

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