Chris Wallace: 'Chill' Hit Funeral First Row When Trumps Arrived

Chris Wallace: 'Chill' Hit Funeral First Row When Trumps Arrived

Bush addresses Congress in 1989.To people who take our history unsanitized, please, the slobbering over George H.W. Bush's life by the mainstream political media has been hard to take.

Three former U.S. presidents took their seats in the front pew of Washington's National Cathedral alongside Donald Trump for the state funeral service for George HW Bush today. Bush did not vote for him, and George W. Bush chose none of the above.

"George HW Bush was America's last great soldier-statesman", presidential biographer Jon Meacham said in a eulogy. "This loathing of Trump is a force of nature that is orders of magnitude greater than what they felt about Bush", he explained, adding that many in the media later realized they "badly misjudged" his presidency.

Mr Bush then shook hands with former president Barack Obama and Mrs Obama, causing her to smile when he passed her what appeared to be a piece of candy.

Thursday's ceremony was final public farewell to the 41st president. Bush will also lie in repose at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston before a service there Thursday. "He's a amusing man", she said.

The cathedral service was a tribute to a president, a patriarch and a faded political era that prized military service and public responsibility.

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To expand on what Cuomo was getting at, perhaps Lemon should withhold his contempt for Trump until after we say our goodbyes to the late President Bush. "To be able to get through the eulogy without breaking down is something else that he's working on", Barbara Bush said. Trump shook hands with Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, did not engage with Bill or Hillary Clinton, and promptly took his seat at the end of the row.

On Wednesday, the former president received a state funeral at Washington National Cathedral in the nation's capital, with all five living presidents in attendance.

LEMON: Let me show you what I would have done.

She said Bush believed "service was all important and conveyed that to his children". A national funeral service for Bush was held Wednesday in Washington. And the Trumps visited members of the Bush family at the Blair House presidential guesthouse, where they are staying.

However, he has been remembered as representing an earlier era of civility in American politics, an image burnished in recent years by the divisiveness and anger in the United States that accompanied the rise of President Donald Trump. However, there were not greetings exchanged between the Trumps and the Clintons, or the Carters.

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