Corbyn accused by UK Conservatives of calling May a 'stupid woman'

Corbyn accused by UK Conservatives of calling May a 'stupid woman'

Corbyn's spokesman insisted the Labour leader had said "stupid people" in reference to lawmakers on the governing Conservative side of Parliament.

The Labour leader seemed to mouth the words following a lively PMQ's session with Mrs May, with a barrage of questions directed at the Prime Minister about her previous decision to postpone the Brexit vote. She knows that perfectly well, which is why it's cynical.

Mr Corbyn talks about what he's against, she told MPs, but he never says what he's for. He's going to put a confidence vote - oh yes he is!

Mr Corbyn had already left the Commons chamber by the time the points of order were raised and his spokesman later said he had not said anything that required an apology. The Prime Minster confirmed to MPs that the debate on her deal will restart when they return to Westminster after their Christmas break.

"I say with absolute certainty, it is not correct, I have not said that to or about her", he said.

Meanwhile, the BBC reported that Mrs May had turned to former prime minister David Cameron for advice on how to give MPs a "greater role" if her Brexit deal is rejected. No responsible government would ever allow it.

"It's an attempt to dragoon MPs into supporting her bad deal and try and avoid MPs having the possibility of considering alternatives".

Quoting Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston, Mr Corbyn said threatening no deal was "an absolute disgrace".

London and Brussels this week stepped up planning for a "no deal" scenario, and Corbyn warned during prime minister's questions on Wednesday that this would be "a disaster for our country".

"So, two motions of no confidence, one in the government and one in that lot over there", he added.

Mrs May told the Commons: 'It is now only just over 14 weeks until the United Kingdom leaves the European Union and I know many members of this House are concerned that we need to take a decision soon'.

While Tory MP Caroline Noakes joined the criticism.

She told the Labour leader "look behind you - they are not impressed and neither is the country".

This prompted a muttered reaction from the Labour leader, and the rest is history.

What else came up?

After repeated jeers and banging from Tory MPs, Mr Bercow said: "I dealt with that point months ago in remarks that I made to the House of Commons to which Ms Leadsom in our various meetings since has made no reference and which requires from the chair today no elaboration whatsoever".

Remain-supporting Tory MP Justine Greening asked about Brexit.

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