‘Fortnite’ Is Introducing A Third Gameplay Mode, Creative

‘Fortnite’ Is Introducing A Third Gameplay Mode, Creative

That Valve's Steam platform has the PC digital distribution market all-but sewn up is no secret, but it hasn't stopped a number of publishers vying for a slice of the pie.

Epic Games, the creator of the Unreal engine and beneficiary of the pop culture phenomenon that is Fortnite, has announced the Epic Games Store. Epic says that in its time as a developer, dependent upon other online stores it has always sought fair economics, and a direct relationship with players - and this is what it claims to do with its upcoming eStore. It's quite the difference when compared to the likes of Steam, which takes a 30% cut in revenue from game sales.

Fortnite is about to launch another season, transitioning from Halloween to the cold world of winter.

Also interesting is the recent release of Epic's "Support-A-Creator" program.

Epic is further incentivizing developers that are using Unreal Engine 4. It's a major step away from Fortnite just being that game where a hundred idiots shoot each other until there's only one standing, and could help cement the game's top dog position for years to come. Unreal Engine was, of course, developed by Epic Games.

The image below, released by Epic, shows how revenue is divided on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games has already given us a Playground mode that gives players an hour to do whatever they want. According to Epic's blog post, Steam takes an extra 5% for royalty payments if UE4 is utilized.

Speaking to MCV, Sweeney said, "We believe that creators, both games developers and content creators, are responsible for the game industry's enormous growth and vibrance, and should earn the lion's share of industry revenue". Players can create their own servers and have others join them. 'We plan to grow throughout early 2019 and open the store up more widely later on.

Big questions for the store include how will Epic curate the store and what games can get on. Epic Games has had a tough stance on Google especially when it comes to the fees involved in the Google Play Store.

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