GoFundMe page raises over $10m to help build Trump's border wall

GoFundMe page raises over $10m to help build Trump's border wall

When asked why he didn't mention the Facebook pages on his GoFundMe, Kolfage said he "didn't want to be a distraction" to his border wall fundraising effort.

"The state of our discourse is such that this thread-which merely explores the funding campaign in the context of the site's ToS-is a political lightning rod", he claimed. But the real goal of the fundraiser goes way beyond ladders. A GoFundMe fundraiser was created Wednesday to raise money for "ladders to get over Trump's wall". As of publication of this article, the GoFundMe campaign raised nearly $13 million from more than 210,000 people. However, Kolfage ensured the government could accept the donation.

Tony Romm, who describes himself as a tech policy reporter for the news outlet, said that he saw the fundraiser and noted that the veteran who started it said he had contacts with the Trump administration.

"I don't wanna mix the two".

His effort came just days after a wounded American veteran, Brian Kolfage, started a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of raising $1 billion he says will go to the wall. They, like Mr. O'Neill, said if no wall is built, they will donate their cash to immigrant-rights advocacy groups.

Republican lawmakers have introduced bills seeking to allow the Treasury Department to accept public donations for the objective of funding the wall.

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed stopgap spending legislation with an additional $5.7 billion for wall construction, but the Senate has to give a go-ahead and Trump is finding it hard to woo the Democrats. Trump said Wednesday, amid debate over a potential government shutdown, that Mexico would indirectly pay for the wall via a trade deal and that the United States military would build it. Estimates for the total costs of a wall have varied - Trump has even changed his mind on an original vision for a continuous stretch across the entire border - but it usually fall somewhere in the $12 billion to 20 billion range.

Kolfage did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the Miami Herald.

Now he is using Facebook to bring more attention to his campaign to build the border wall, which is going viral.

In his message, Kolfage has stated that if $80 are donated by 63 million people who voted for Trump, $5b can be collected. He lost so much blood that about 100 blood donors were transported to the camp hospital from across the base to keep him alive, according to his profile on the veteran-focused Gary Sinise Foundation website. People who try to scam you will not be upfront with their information, they will hide and not use their name.

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