Google launches AI-driven on-demand audio news feed

Google launches AI-driven on-demand audio news feed

In the past few years, Google has been collaborating with news publishers all around the world for the future of audio news. The prototype relies on single-topic stories-segmented out from newscasts or shows-to contribute to the audio news feed.

The new project builds on Google's existing efforts to deliver news over its speakers and smartphones, and comes amid a broad effort by news organizations and tech firms to develop more voice services.

Google Assistant remembers which stories the user has already received and will give updates on them at later times when applicable. In a blog post, the company said it's been working with over a dozen news organisations including The New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, Hollywood Reporter, the South China Morning Post and Billboard to deliver an audio news feed that adapts to listener habits and preferences as well as the time of day.

This new experience will bring you an audio news playlist assembled in that moment, for you. However, the content is usually taken from television or radio casts. Google's guidelines also recommend that media publishers keep their short-format stories around 50 seconds long. The briefing will start with short stories under two minutes, and then move on to slightly meatier stories up to 15 minutes long.

The biggest advantage from a consumer standpoint is that Google is not allowing any sponsored content in its audio news.

The project aims to transform audio news into a Netflix-like experience, available on demand with personalized recommendations.

The company is launching the revamped audio news function to a limited number of Google Assistant users in the United States before a wider roll out.

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