Home Security Camera Catches the Moment Earthquake Shakes Palmer

Home Security Camera Catches the Moment Earthquake Shakes Palmer

"I would characterize this as a demonstration that Anchorage is prepared for these kind of emergencies".

As of midday Saturday, there had been no serious earthquake-related injuries reported, and crews were working to set up detours around some heavily damaged roads, officials said. One of the state's largest internal airline services has suspended operations until midday.

The Anchorage Daily News said the quake caused damage at the newspaper, cracking walls and mangling ceiling panels.

"Alaska gets a lot of earthquakes, but this one was rocking and rolling", Thibodeau said.

Back-to-back earthquakes measuring 7.0 and 5.8 rocked buildings and buckled roads Friday morning in Anchorage.

Empty shelves where bread is normally located are shown at a grocery store in Anchorage, Alaska, on Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018, two days after a magnitude 7.0 natural disaster was centered about 7 miles north of the city.

Soon after the shaking stopped, the school bus pulled up and the children boarded, but the driver stopped at a bridge and refused to go across because of deep cracks in the road, Lettow said. This was very, very scary damage that we don't fully understand. "Thank you very much". "It's not an unusual quake in the perspective of the tectonics of the region". In court, panicked attorneys scurried under tables as a room rocked from side to side. The highest ever mark for an natural disaster in U.S. history topped off at 9.2 on the Richter scale.

Palmer resident Kristin Dossett described the initial jolt as "absolutely terrifying".

A series of aftershocks were recorded following the initial shock, which had a depth of 40.9 kilometres, the USGS said.

Books and ceiling tiles litter the floor at the The Mat-Su College library in Anchorage Alaska
Books and ceiling tiles litter the floor at the The Mat-Su College library in Anchorage

"It shook like I have never felt anything shake before", she said.

"It just didn't stop. Just broken glass everywhere". Authorities didn't have firm figures on damage Friday night. Helicopters and drones were assessing infrastructure across the region.

About 90 percent of all the goods sold in Alaska are delivered to the Port of Anchorage, where officials have completed a preliminary damage assessment. Gov. Bill Walker, who leaves office at noon Monday, gave state workers in the Anchorage area the day off to help reduce the number of cars on the highway.

Rush-hour traffic in Anchorage came to a standstill and jammed up heading out of town after the quake struck at around 8:30 a.m. (1230 EST/1730 GMT). Both attorneys jumped under their desks.

The warning covers parts of Cook Inlet and the southern Kenai peninsula in southern Alaska following the quake that rocked buildings in downtown Anchorage.

The Anchorage Police Department said they were operational after Friday's "massive earthquake".

"It will take months for the rate of the aftershocks, the rate at which they're occurring, to drop down to what you would consider background levels", he said, although the vast majority were too small to cause damage.

A stream of photographs and videos have since been shared on social media, showing the devastation that is being wrought after the quake hit the area, with people being evacuated.

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