James' remarks about Davis irk National Basketball Association general managers

James' remarks about Davis irk National Basketball Association general managers

LeBron James made headlines Tuesday when he told ESPN that it would be "amazing" if the Los Angeles Lakers made a trade to acquire Anthony Davis.

Barkley's concern with Davis joining the Lakers is that it would create another super team, resulting in more of an imbalance in talent distribution across the National Basketball Association.

"I don't really care", Davis told ESPN's Zach Lowe of James' remarks following his team's 123-115 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday.

If that's the only chip they have in this game of AD poker, in other words, then they're bound.

"Interference is as bad as tampering - maybe worse in this case", an Eastern Conference GM told ESPN. "In general, absent evidence of team coordination or other aggravating factors, it is not tampering when a player makes a comment about his interest in playing with another team's player".

Parting ways with longtime agent Thad Foucher to join Klutch Sports' Rich Paul - who represents James - led many to believe a pairing between the two superstars was inevitable.

"No we're not trading him", Gentry said to open up his media availability.

"When that time comes, of course we will see", Davis said. We've heard how the Boston Celtics have long desired him and how LeBron James would love to play with him next year.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that several small-market general managers have been privately expressing their anger with the NBA's seeming unwillingness to enforce tampering rules. "It's hard enough already to hold onto the kind of players we need to try and win with - but [the league] doesn't do anything to help". According to Wojnarowski, there's a broad belief among smaller-market GMs that the National Basketball Association doesn't just condone the public wooing of star players toward big markets, but also encourages the practice.

The 25-year-old Davis was the No. 1 pick of the 2012 NBA Draft. He's averaging 28.0 points, 12.3 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 2.7 blocks per game for a Pelicans team that's 13th in the Western Conference.

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