Kim Kardashian To Drake: Never Threaten My Husband Or Our Family

Kim Kardashian To Drake: Never Threaten My Husband Or Our Family

USA reality TV star Kim Kardashian warned Drake to "never threaten" Kanye West after her husband hit out at his rival in a Twitter rant, an worldwide publication reported.

West continued to state his displeasure with Drake texting his mother-in-law Kris Jenner, collaborating with rapper Travis Scott (sister-in-law Kylie Jenner's boyfriend) in a song that had "sneak disses" against West, and other grievances.

Expanding on that last tweet, Kanye claimed he was responsible for Drake's success, tweeting, "I'm the guy with the pink polo that made a way for him..." However, later in the evening, Kanye returned to Twitter with a new rant, accusing Drake of threatening his family.

The specifics of the threat are now unclear, but it prompted West to go on an explosive Twitter rant that contained more than 125 tweets.

Kanye's rant at Drake was triggered by an apparently innocent request for a sample clearance for his 2009 track Say What's Real, which samples Ye's 808s & Heartbreaks track Say You Will. "And look man, Ye's pool is nice, mine's just bigger's what I'm saying".

Pusha T and Drake have their own ongoing feud (Pusha T is an artist under West's label GOOD Music), and over the summer, Pusha T revealed in a diss track Drake had a son. "Still need that apology for mentioning the 350s and trying to take food out your idol's kid's mouths", he tweeted. "You pick on people with mental health issues". On DJ Khaled's "I'm On One" from that same year Drake raps, "I'm just feeling like the throne is for the taking, watch me take it", a decidedly unsubtle jab at West and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne collaboration.

"Drake called trying to threatened me", he tweeted.

But that all changed on Thursday (December 13) when his timeline exploded with tweets aimed at Drake.

"Talk tough to real gangsters bro", Kanye added.

What followed is so much it's hard even to break down.

Kanye West has a lot on his mind and cares little for Twitter's character count.

Drake Bell, who playfully tweeted, "Kanye West, I'm sorry", along with a sad-face emoji.

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