Michael Cohen's lawyers ask for no prison time

Michael Cohen's lawyers ask for no prison time

Cohen's attorneys argued that his cooperation with multiple investigations, including the special counsel's Russian Federation probe, and the impact and suffering on Cohen and his family merits avoiding jail.

"In fact, Michael had a lengthy substantive conversation with the personal assistant to a Kremlin official following his outreach in January 2016, engaged in additional communications concerning the project as late as June 2016, and kept Client-1 apprised of these communications", the lawyers wrote.

"He and [Trump] also discussed possible travel to Russian Federation in the summer of 2016, and Michael took steps to clear dates for such travel", they continued, adding, that Cohen states he kept Trump "apprised" of his contacts with Russian Federation during the campaign.

"That determination has not been made yet", Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann said at a federal court hearing in Washington.

In addition to his cooperation with Mueller, Cohen has also assisted in the NY state attorney general's investigation into the Trump Foundation, his lawyers revealed Friday, and has provided documents to the state attorney general in a separate, unidentified probe, too. As part of his plea deal with the U.S. attorney's office, Cohen faces 46 to 62 months in prison.

The memo notably depicts Cohen as an unsophisticated and flawed man who was trying to please an exacting, demanding and powerful boss - Trump. And he did so mindful of "regular public reports referring to the President's consideration of pardons" and as Trump launched a "raw, full-bore attack" on the investigations which Cohen was aiding, they wrote. They also argue Cohen is cooperating even though Trump reportedly suggested in private he is willing to pardon associates ensnared in the special counsel's probe. Cohen's attorneys said he declined a traditional cooperation agreement because he wanted to be sentenced as scheduled so he can "begin his life virtually anew". CNN has previously reported that Cohen met with representatives of these offices.

Cohen's lawyers sought to address speculation over why their client has not entered into a formal cooperation agreement with prosecutors, saying Cohen was concerned that such a deal would delay his sentencing. This week he confessed that he continued to pursue the deal on Trump's behalf during the heat of the campaign.

Furthermore, the filing said that misleading Congress was at the behest of Trump and that he was collaborating with the White House and Trump's legal team when he did so. At the time, Cohen's then attorney had a joint defense agreement with Trump's legal team.

Cohen had pleaded guilty in August to five counts of tax evasion, one count of making a false statement to a bank and two campaign finance violations, admitting at that time he and the chief executive of a media company worked in the summer of 2016 to keep an individual from publicly disclosing information that could hurt Trump's campaign. "In each case, the conduct was meant to benefit Client-1, in accordance with Client-1's directives".

The memo noted that Mueller's office is expected to provide the judge with an assessment of Cohen's cooperation, and that the Manhattan prosecutors are to join in presenting Cohen's assistance as a factor for the judge to consider.

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