Saudi Prince MBS Cultivated Ties With Kushner for Two Years

Saudi Prince MBS Cultivated Ties With Kushner for Two Years

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister has ruled out extraditing to Turkey suspects in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

"We don't extradite our citizens", Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said in a press conference in capital Riyadh on Sunday, when asked for his comments on the Turkish move.

A Turkish court on Wednesday issued arrest warrants for former Saudi intelligence chief Ahmad al-Assiri and former adviser to the royal court Saud al-Qahtani, at the request of Istanbul's chief prosecutor.

"The relationship between Jared Kushner and Mohammed bin Salman constitutes the foundation of the Trump policy not just toward Saudi Arabia but toward the region", Martin Indyk, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, told The Times.

Mr al-Jubeir criticised the way Turkey has shared information with the kingdom.

Mr Jubeir added: "The Turkish authorities have not been as forthcoming as we believe they should have been. We have not received it in the manner that it should have been received".

The Saudi public prosecutor has said the order to repatriate Mr Khashoggi came from Mr Asiri and that a travel ban has been imposed on Mr Qahtani.

After that, there are only the sounds of Khashoggi's screams and a saw as well as a voice identified as belonging to Dr. Salah Muhammad al-Tubaiqi, the head of forensic medicine at Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry telling the others to put on earbuds to drown out the sounds of butchering a man alive.

Kushner maintained his support for MbS and their personal bond continued despite revelations that Khashoggi was killed and dismembered inside Riyadh's Istanbul consulate in early October on the orders of the heir to the Saudi throne.

For decades he was close to the Saudi royal family and also served as an adviser to the government.

As a prominent journalist, he covered major stories including the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the rise of Osama Bin Laden for various Saudi news organisations.

But he fell out of favour and went into self-imposed exile in the USA a year ago.

"The inner circle is predominantly deal makers who lack familiarity with political customs and deep institutions, and they support Jared Kushner", the Saudi delegation wrote of the incoming administration in a slide presentation obtained by the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar, which provided it to NYT.

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