'Time is running out': David Attenborough's dramatic warning on climate change

'Time is running out': David Attenborough's dramatic warning on climate change

Attenborough told the delegates: "Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale".

"Now I do not have any doubt at all", Attenborough said two years after that lecture.

David Attenborough, the famed naturalist and conservation advocate, issued a dire warning for the world during a speech at the United Nations' annual climate summit on Monday: Act now, or the natural world, humanity included, may soon collapse.

Delegates were played a montage of messages collected from people around the world. "Time is running out", he said.

"They're supporting you in making tough decisions but they're also willing to make sacrifices in their daily lives".

President Donald Trump has threatened to pull the USA out of the Paris agreement because of what he says is the economic damage the treaty's provisions would cause. "That amount of Carbon dioxide emissions is also the same as 8,243 American homes for an entire year, according to EPA".

"Even as we witness devastating climate impacts causing havoc across the world, we are still not doing enough, nor moving fast enough, to prevent irreversible and catastrophic climate disruption", Guterres told representatives from nearly 200 countries gathered in Katowice, Poland.

Meanwhile, the presidents of at-risk states such as Fiji, Nigeria and Nepal are expected at COP24 talks, which aim to flesh out the promises agreed to in the 2015 Paris climate accord.

He said developed states had a "collective responsibility to assist the most vulnerable communities and countries -- such as small island nations and the least developed countries -- by supporting adaptation and resilience".

"We are approaching risky climate thresholds, species are disappearing at an unseen rate, lands are degrading at an accelerated pace and global carbon dioxide emissions increased in 2017 after a three-year period of stabilization".

"In the future we will look back, and we will either laugh at them or we will hate them".

Of the 10 countries in the world considered most threatened by climate change, seven are in Africa - Central African Republic, Chad, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and South Sudan. "The UN provides a unique platform that can unite the whole world and as the Paris agreement proved, we can make real change happen", Mr Attenborough said.

"It also takes place in a scenario where we have clear signals about the urgency with which we need to address the issues of climate change".

"America is more than just Washington or one leader", he said, adding that he wished he could travel back in time - like the cyborg he portrayed in "The Terminator" - to stop fossil fuels from being used.

Guterres asked governments to find ways to replace fossil fuels - which contribute about 65 per cent of global greenhouse gases, according to the EPA - with cleaner alternatives.

As part of the initiative, people were asked to speak up on climate change using the hashtag #TakeYourSeat. He called on the almost 200 countries represented in Katowice, Poland, to take the issue seriously, and commit to the course of action agreed to in Paris in 2015.

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