Trump Blasts Governor Cuomo, ‘Sleazebag’ Eric Schneiderman as Trump Foundation Dissolves

Trump Blasts Governor Cuomo, ‘Sleazebag’ Eric Schneiderman as Trump Foundation Dissolves

The lawsuit against the Trump Foundation alleges "persistently illegal conduct" from the charity founded in 1987 as Underwood seeks an additional $2.8 million in financial restitution, according to the Post.

In addition to shuttering the charity, her office has pursued a lawsuit that could bar the president and his three oldest children from the boards of other NY charities, as well as force the payment of millions in restitution and penalties.

The suit named the president, sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, and daughter Ivanka Trump, who were on the board of the foundation. It's also one of may probes his organizations have faced during his tenure in the White House.

Underwood added that only "reputable" charities approved by a judge and her office would be able to receive the Trump Foundation's funds as it winds down its operations. The next big item on his agenda is Spring Training with the New York Mets, and organization that happens to be based in Trump's native Queens.

Earlier Tuesday, the foundation dissolved under pressure from a lawsuit from the NY attorney general.

President Donald Trump's titular foundation is dissolving amid legal action.

During the 2016 campaign, state investigators allege, Trump effectively "ceded control" of his charity's money to his political campaign. His remarks came after at the Donald J. Trump Foundation agreed to dissolve under judicial supervision.

The move was announced by the Attorney General of New York State, Barbara Underwood, who will supervise the distribution of its remaining monies.

President Donald Trump has agreed to shut down his family's embattled Trump Foundation, following investigators' allegations the charity misused funds by directing them to Mr. Trump or his businesses.

Underwood sued the foundation in June, saying it repeatedly solicited money from donors and then used it for campaign-related purposes, violating federal election law.

The lawsuit against Trump is ongoing, but as part of the settlement, he has to distribute all of his assets to real charities.

Yet the sorry fact is that despite The Clinton Foundation's extensive good works, many, perhaps most, Americans probably believe that it is no better than Trump's fountain of sleaze.

Spitalnick pointed to a ruling by the judge handling the case last month rejecting Trump's request to dismiss the lawsuit on a claim of political bias. It turns out a lot of charities are serious about keeping donations private - that makes it tough to prove how much they actually give to charity and how much they're using for their own personal - or political - ends.

The Trump Foundation escaped any such harsh scrutiny until just six weeks before Election Day 2016, when the Washington Post published the most devastating articles in a series by David Fahrenthold.

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