Trump calls Michael Cohen a 'Rat' in tweetstorm

Trump calls Michael Cohen a 'Rat' in tweetstorm

One of Trump's biggest allies over the last decade, Michael Cohen, recently pleaded guilty to multiple felony counts, three of which are directly related to the president. Mueller, who is examining possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, has continued to ask for an interview with the president.

President Trump on Sunday blasted his lawyer-turned-federal cooperator Michael Cohen as a "Rat" - and wondered why the FBI didn't "break into" DNC headquarters the same way they raided Cohen's office.

As we head into the final weeks of the GOP's control over the House of Representatives, reports coming from those close to the President have noted that Mr. Trump is beginning to worry that Republican lawmakers and donors are turning against him.

Trump, who first denied knowledge of the payments, then blamed them on bad advice from Cohen, posted an angry tweet Sunday blasting the FBI's handling of his former lawyer.

"There's a lot in the Mueller memo that tells you how forthcoming, for 70 hours in seven meetings, Michael Cohen was with Mr. Mueller". "He praises people who have lied and refused to cooperate, the opposite of what a president should do", Davis added.

Trump calling his former attorney a "rat" comes after Cohen went on ABC and said he was done lying and being loyal to the president.

"And, speaking On CBS' "Face the Nation", Davis, Cohen's former attorney and current adviser, said of the search warrant execution: "[Cohen] not only consented to [the search], he thanked them for their courtesy as they left, and you have a President denouncing the Federal Bureau of Investigation, lying about a warrant and a legal search". "There will be no pardons".

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