‘Weak and Subservient’: Doomed Tuesday UK Brexit Vote is On

‘Weak and Subservient’: Doomed Tuesday UK Brexit Vote is On

If the Brexit deal is rejected, ministers have 21 days to state how they intend to proceed.

He wrote in the Mail on Sunday that "regardless of whether [Mrs May] goes down to a crushing Commons defeat this week or tries to pull the vote - she should stand down".

She was rebuked by Mr Corbyn, who said he would prefer Labour MPs to be "concentrating solely" on defeating Theresa May's Brexit plan on Tuesday.

"If you want Brexit, make sure you get it, and that's about this deal", Mrs May said.

Pro-Brexit lawmakers say the deal keeps Britain bound too closely to the European Union, while pro-EU politicians say it erects barriers between the United Kingdom and its biggest trading partner and leaves many details of the future relationship undecided.

"Although cabinet ministers and senior lawmakers have stridently argued for a delay, Barclay - asked whether the Tuesday vote was happening - stated: 'It is", cited by the BBC.

Mr Corbyn does not believe Theresa May's Brexit deal will be passed, branding it "ridiculous", and saying that "it's not going to work".

The Prime Minister warned Tory would-be rebels the country would be in "uncharted waters" if the deal is rejected.

Asked about her leadership ambitions, Ms McVey told Sky News' Sophy Ridge on Sunday: "I've seen the array of people who have come forward at the moment and I think if we can all get behind one - for me the most important thing is not the personalities, it is the deal for our country needs to be better".

Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd was the first minister to publicly discuss a "Plan B" should May be defeated in a key parliamentary vote scheduled for Tuesday. Even though May says the backstop is unlikely to be used, the current agreement provides no legal assurances to prevent such a scenario from happening.

According to the Esher and Walton MP - who spent five months as the secretary of state leading Brexit negotiations - United Kingdom officials were not firm enough when discussing the backstop with the EU. The backstop will kick in if the two sides don't find a lasting solution to avoiding checks at the border.

That, Ms Rudd said, "seems plausible not just in terms of the country but in terms of where the MPs are".

May said she's in talks to offer Parliament a say over whether to extend the Brexit transition period beyond December 2020 if needed, rather than enter into the backstop arrangement.

It's also possible that an amendment to Tuesday's bill proposed by one of her fiercest critics ends up sparing her from a major blow.

May's government does not have a majority in the House of Commons, and opposition parties - as well as many of May's own Conservatives - have already said they will not back the divorce deal that May and European Union leaders agreed on last month. If it passes, there would be no point in the government continuing to push its motion.

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