Kidnap suspect apparently applied for job day Jayme escaped

Kidnap suspect apparently applied for job day Jayme escaped

She told investigators that she was often forced under her captor's bed and blocked in by weights.

The failed Marine and former cheese factory worker allegedly killed Jayme's parents, James and Denise Closs, on October 15 and snatched the teen, keeping her under his bed for about 88 days.

Last week, she escaped and was discovered by a woman walking her dog.

A criminal complaint says accused killer Jake Patterson told investigators he had left the home with the teenager locked in his trunk just 20 seconds before he paused to yield to three oncoming squad cars with emergency lights flashing.

Patterson, 21, graduated from Northwood High School in Minong in the spring of 2015.

Patterson, who is charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide, kidnapping and armed burglary, has not entered a plea.

A panicked 911 call was made, with frantic movement heard, but no words audible.

Peter Kasinskas said he and his wife, Kristin, don't want the dough and that if anyone, the 13-year-old girl should get it because "she got herself out".

Investigators believe the goal of the assailant was to kidnap Jayme, though Mr Patterson has no apparent prior connection to the family.

After 88 days in captivity, Jayme escaped from a home where she was being kept and sought help from Patterson's neighbor, who took her into the safety of another neighbor's home.

Patterson's lawyers on Wednesday acknowledged that defending their client will be an uphill battle, considering that police have documented a "very thorough confession". "Yes, it looks like you start out behind the eight ball a little bit", Mr Glynn said.

Jones said: "There will come a time in this proceeding when that question will be answered".

Patterson is due back in court on February 6 for a preliminary hearing.

He said when girls talked to Patterson he was shy and "wouldn't reply".

"He stared at me blankly and said he wasn't interested in having one".

"This guy certainly doesn't deserve any sympathy but, under our laws and our constitution, he at least deserves a fair trial".

Mr Jones said he doubts Mr Patterson can get a fair trial in Barron County or maybe anywhere in Wisconsin, given the publicity surrounding the case.

Authorities are still deciding what to do with the cash - but many people agree with the Kasinskases. "It is her. I 100% think it is her".

For almost three months, Jayme was kept in captivity after her kidnapping.

Patterson is facing a total of four felony charges.

'I knew for sure it was the same kid, ' the manager said.

Mr Roberts claims when Patterson's mum left the family, that's when he changed. "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time".

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald declined knowledge of this specific employment application, and CNN has reached out to Douglas County Sheriff's Office for comment.

Glynn and Jones described Patrick Patterson as a genuinely kind man who feels bad. Together, they called police to let them know Jayme was alive and well. "A guy becomes 21 years old, and sometimes it's not how he was raised or anything".

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