Project Cars studio to build "most powerful console ever"

Project Cars studio to build

Slightly Mad Studios, the company behind the Project Cars racing simulation franchise, has announced it is branching out into hardware with a high-end virtual reality (VR) games console it has dubbed the Mad Box.

Project CARS 2 developer Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed it is muscling its way into the console space with the announcement of The Mad Box. The Mad Box will also come fully equipped with a free development engine for aspiring gamers and professionals alike to dip into game development easily.

The console, now referred to as the Mad Box, was announced by Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell on Twitter. In an interview with Variety, Bell later elaborated on what he means when he says that the Mad Box will be the most powerful console of all time. We'll have to wait a few years to see if the console ever makes it to market, and if it does, whether its success is more Steam Machine than Nintendo Switch. The Mad Box console will nonetheless be a business venture and one particular financial figure might be on the mind of customers: the cost. A stand alone unit he is calling "Mad Box" which will compete against the PlayStation and Xbox. Do you truly think that it'll be "the most powerful console ever built" or does this seem like an exaggeration on the part of Slightly Mad's CEO? "The "new" possibly being many of those that benefit from our completely free development engine", Bell said.

The system will apparently support 4K gaming, VR at 60FPS per eye or 120 FPS total, and support a number of peripherals. Bell said that they now have the design of the Mad Box all specced out and are now in discussions with manufacturing partners. "We have the required hardware contacts to be able to bring something epic to fruition based on our designs", Ian Bell told Variety.

Bell added that early design builds for the Mad Box will be revealed in about four to six weeks. He explained that the console will begin shipping in about three years, and it will support "most major VR headsets", including upcoming models. The Mad Box aims to correct that monopoly, putting the gaming experience back into the gamer's hands.

Slightly Mad also has multiple investors behind the project, and won't offer exclusivity incentives to developers.

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