Tri Delta Member Booted For Video Of White Student In Blackface

Tri Delta Member Booted For Video Of White Student In Blackface

Along with the video was a caption that read: "Some girls that attend OU thought it would be amusing (especially Olivia Urban and Francis Ford) to put black paint on their face and say 'I am a n****r" @UofOklahoma #whatareyougoingtodo????'

A student involved in a video showing a woman in blackface and possibly using a racial slur has been expelled from her sorority at the University of Oklahoma.

"I am a n--r", she says in the footage.

The video posted Friday to Twitter shows two women, one of whom is wearing black paint on her face and hands and uses a racial slur.

Tri-Delta responded to the incident on Friday by promising they would looked into this. Since then, the Tri-Delta chapter President London Moore addressed the issue in a statement, saying "Chapter leadership has met and appropriate actions has been taken". "The behavior documented in the video is abhorrent and is in no way consisted with Tri Delta's ideals". Consequences need to be seen, otherwise you're telling your [person of color] students and also racist students that this behavior is tolerated, ' one user tweeted.

In an earlier statement, Moore said that the sorority was working with university officials and Tri Delta's executive office staff to investigate the video.

The university in 2015 severed ties with a fraternity and expelled two students after several members took part in a racist chant caught on video that referenced lynching.

In response to the video, the university stripped SAE of their fraternity house and the fraternity's national headquarters shutdown its OU chapter.

"We are saddened and offended that even on the eve of such an important holiday for our nation we are reminded how far we have yet to come in the conversation about treating everyone with respect and dignity", Gallogy said.

In a letter published Friday, the Black Student Association demanded the university add a zero-tolerance policy of hate speech to the student code of conduct, enhance curriculum dedicated to the education of social and cultural competency, increase the number of multicultural faculty and staff, and provide more financial assistance and support for African-American programs.

The University of Oklahoma Black Student Association said they were not surprised by the actions of the two students in the video.

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