Trump wants India, Russia, Pakistan to fight Taliban in Afghanistan

Trump wants India, Russia, Pakistan to fight Taliban in Afghanistan

Indian government has asserted that its worth $3 billion project in Afghanistan stand for itself and felt regret over American official's ignorance towards the project as the United States President Donald Trump has mocked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over funding its sponsored "library" in the war-torn Afghan country. It was hitherto taken for granted that everyone in the world realized this by now, especially world leaders after how much Trump mocked his European counterparts over the past two years for evading their defense obligations to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, but apparently the Indian government hadn't been paying attention and instead never learned this lesson.

Clearly, Trump has taken note of the sea change in the Pakistani stance lately on Afghanistan after Imran Khan came to power, especially Imran Khan's changed position that in some form - may be, in some reduced form - the USA military presence should continue in Afghanistan for a conceivable future.

Trump argued that the Soviets' foray into Afghanistan was the right thing to do, even though he said it "bankrupted" Moscow and led to the demise of the Soviet Union. The Obama administration had always lauded India's contribution and the role it played in improving the lives of people.

The Soviet Union also presented itself as the true defenders of Muslim Afghans, who were under attack by "imperialism", and suggested that the United States was planning to use Afghanistan as a way to subvert the U.S.S.R.

Trump went on to say that Pakistan ought to be fighting in Afghanistan in place of our troops.

Inaugurating the Afghan parliament building in 2015 after reconstruction financed by India, Modi promised to promote programmes "empowering Afghan youth with modern education and professional skills".

India is the largest donor in the region, said sources. And look at the results today.

Actually, the Soviets were trying to bolster communists in Afghanistan and possibly expand their influence against the United States and the West.

There was ultimately a problem with extremism in Afghanistan, but it developed largely after the USSR left, and the mujahideen groups that sprang up to fight the Soviets devolved into the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the president also addressed the U.S.'s ongoing presence in Afghanistan, complaining about its cost. "Pakistan is not prepared to handle Afghanistan, as we failed to handle our tribal areas", he said.

The Afghan war will come to an end if we go to Pakistan and offer a free trade agreement to get them to push the Taliban to the peace table, he added. India has made the most of the limited space that was granted to it, and that too, in an extremely hard environment.

Mohib said he wanted to also keep India in the loop about recent developments over the peace process. This is coupled with boosting connectivity and various forms of humanitarian assistance.

Interestingly, Trump hinted that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is delivering in a big way to help the U.S. end the war.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had visted India previous year and held wide-ranging talks with Modi on ways to further boost bilateral cooperation. And they appreciate the quiet and positive approach of India in their country. "They will arrive soon", Hamdullah Mohib, Afghanistan's National Security Adviser was quoted as saying in an interview by Strategic News International of India.

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