Warship HMS Mersey deployed to intercept migrant boats in Channel

Warship HMS Mersey deployed to intercept migrant boats in Channel

Britain's Home Secretary Sajid Javid called on the Royal Navy Thursday to help control the hundreds of migrants crossing the English Channel as he faces increasing political pressure to deal with the migrant situation.

Detectives are continuing to question a 33-year-old Iranian and a 24-year-old British man who were arrested on Wednesday evening.

"It is vital that we are working on all fronts to tackle this ongoing situation and I am grateful to Border Force and other agencies for the tireless work they have done in response to this activity".

The arrests come as it was revealed Home Secretary Sajid Javid had written to the Ministry of Defence to request use of the Royal Navy.

Mr Williamson said: "I can confirm that HMS Mersey will deploy to the Dover Straits to assist the UK Border Force and French authorities with their response to migrant crossings".

HMS Mersey is filling the gap until two Border Force cutters return from the European Union's Mediterranean migrant crossings mission.

A spokesman for the MoD said: 'Our armed forces stand ready to provide additional capacity and expertise to assist the Home Office with the response to migrant crossings.

He is considering asking the Royal Navy to help patrol the Channel.

Rivals sniped that the Home Secretary had "lost the plot" amid the migrant crisis and was calling himself "The Sajid".

Authorities apprehended 539 people crossing the Channel previous year, with 80 percent making the journey in the last three months of 2018, according to the Home Office.

"It's a shame that the home secretary seems to need reminding that seeking asylum is a right and the United Kingdom has an obligation to assess claims fairly and grant protection to those who need it".

'But none of that means Britain can absolve itself of responsibility to refugees'.

"People will continue to die and be at mercy of traffickers all the time politicians pretend to play tough for votes rather than recognise why people flee".

While on a visit to Malaysia, Mr Hunt said: "I think the Home Secretary is right to say that, as a country that is very proud of our tradition of granting asylum to people who need it, we also want to make sure that isn't abused".

More than 230 people have made the crossing by boat since November - a risky feat as the 21-mile wide Channel is one of the world's busiest shipping lanes. Javid said on a trip to Dover, England.

"In nearly every case you are claiming asylum in the United Kingdom but if you were a real, genuine asylum seeker you could have done that in another safe country".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Europe can not "close its borders" to those genuinely seeking asylum.

About 240 people have reached the United Kingdom in small boats since November.

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