Business chief says delaying Brexit is an option for sanity

Business chief says delaying Brexit is an option for sanity

Menon says the new DExEU statement may also, in part, be created to win over wavering lawmakers that may be unhappy with May's deal - but are also opposed to the United Kingdom crashing out of Europe without new arrangements in place - by reminding them that they are "playing with fire".

Livingstone ultimately quit Labour in May last year following a two-year suspension over allegations of anti-semitism. All but one of those defectors, 11 in all, have formed what they call the Independent Group.

However, May's change in course has already angered Brexit hardliners in her own Conservative Party, with influential MP Jacob Rees-Mogg warning "any delay to Brexit is a plot to stop Brexit". Welcome to the program. We are in the middle of a political crisis and a constitutional crisis...

INSKEEP: Oh, the extreme Brexiteers, in a sense, have taken. "In future, I will take it upon myself to be more considered in my remarks, and ensure they reflect the Labour Party's unswerving and unfaltering commitment to anti-racism and the fight against anti-Semitism".

Labour MPs are on the whole more pro-EU than their Conservative counterparts.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Parliament on January 15, 2019. This is a fight that I want to be an ally in.

"We want to leave the European Union with a deal that gives us the best of both worlds: a close relationship with our nearest neighbours and the chance to make the most of our talents and resources by building new relationships with growing economies around the world".

Ms Walker was suspended by Labour in 2016 after leaked footage showed her saying she had not found a definition of antisemitism she could work with.

RYAN: Well, I don't know what's in his heart. It said the agri-food sector is "particularly vulnerable given its reliance on cross-border supply chains in the production stage and in finished products", and that there could be further disruption in the single electricity market that spans both Northern Ireland and Ireland. And he's repeatedly and consistently refused to do so.

Derby North MP Chris Williamson said he regretted his "choice of words" and insisted he had not meant to minimise the seriousness of anti-Semitism.

"We have long argued it is the right and logical thing to do for the people to have the final say on Brexit. For the Union it is high time that we can spend our energy on more positive projects and the in depth reforms Europe desperately needs".

RYAN: What we're based on at the moment is a set of values that draws us together in the center ground of politics, which has been abandoned by the two main parties.

"We're in a very volatile situation". And that's increasingly obvious.

Theresa May has issued a plea to MPs to back a Brexit deal, telling Parliament to "do its duty" ahead of another series of votes on the Government's negotiating strategy. "As our negotiator Michel Barnier said, we don't need more time, we need decisions".

INSKEEP: Do you want one of the options for people to be - stay in the European Union?

The leader's team eventually concluded Livingstone had to be suspended but Corbyn was "adamant" John Mann, chair of the all-party parliamentary group against anti-Semitism, also had to be suspended after calling the ex-mayor a "Nazi apologist" in an angry rant in Westminster's Millbank studios. It's called the Kyle-Wilson Amendment.

Next, Labour. As mentioned, May's move will in no small part have been motivated by the desire not to be defeated by a motion to delay Brexit that Jeremy Corbyn announced he would support on Monday.

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