China is Preparing to Meet the New Year

China is Preparing to Meet the New Year

Evidently, Peppa the Pig's brilliant branding campaign in China has been so successful that even the People's Liberation Army is using the cartoon character to represent the upcoming Year of the Pig.

Dancing dragons and lions helped ring in a colourful and fun-filled Lunar New Year in Buenos Aires on Saturday.

China consumes more meat than any other country and accounts for half the world's consumption of pork, which is used in everything from dumplings and stir-fries to hotpots.

The traditional Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animals. This year, is the year of the Pig.

With the start of the new year, a holiday of seven days will be announced on February 5.

Lam said in a one-minute video in Cantonese that the Lunar New Year is "an important festival for Chinese people", "a time for families to get together".

While pork is a favourite across China, a company in Hong Kong is partnering with restaurants to promote "vegan pork" dishes, made with soybeans and peas.

"But more importantly it's to address the issue of food safety and to mitigate climate change", Lee said, referring to a recent outbreak of deadly African swine fever on pig farms in China.

The mini-parade is a prelude to a major Chinatown celebration of the Lunar New Year with a more spectacular grand parade in San Francisco that has a history of more than 100 years.

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