Fortnite finally lets you merge multiple accounts into one

Fortnite finally lets you merge multiple accounts into one

However, due to this cross-platform play, many players have multiple Fortnite accounts on various platforms. Then later you will get a confirmation on both of accessible emails addresses for both primary and secondary account will begin a step ahead in the process which initially will take the span of two weeks to get complete and exact stuff of secondary into the primary.

The primary reason you'd need to merge two Epic accounts is because you started playing on PS4 and were forced to create a secondary account to play on Xbox One or Switch.

Back in September of previous year, Sony started allowing Fortnite to participate in cross-platform play, which solved this account issue for new Fortnite players.

The first stage of the process is heading over to the Epic Games website and selecting the merge account option. You'll also need to unlink any third-party logins associated with both accounts, and of course, you can't merge any banned or disabled accounts.

As a result, a lot of players (including myself) created a second Fortnite account so they could play the game on a second device, even though doing so meant leaving a primary username and earned items behind.

Select the platform for your Primary Account.

Input the code and sign in with your secondary account.

Is this a feature you've been waiting to use? The Account Merge tool will transfer V-Bucks and items into a single, linked primary account.

Epic's website now offers the easiest way to merge your accounts. Multiple accounts on the same platform can not be merged.

It's not quite as simple as that, and developers Epic Games have mapped out a few terms and conditions players should be aware of.

For those looking to take advantage of the merge process, the transferable items differ depending on game mode. Items from the Unreal Marketplace, Creative Islands, and your Save the World account level and progress will not be moved to your primary account. After that, Epic Games will transfer all of what you have in that account to the main account you selected.

If you switched platforms to play with friends or simply found you preferred one over another, you may have had to leave some money and progress behind.

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