Kentucky governor: Closing schools for cold temperatures signals that 'we're getting soft'

Kentucky governor: Closing schools for cold temperatures signals that 'we're getting soft'

In a radio interview with 840 WHAS on Tuesday, Bevin objected to that decision. I mean, what happens to America?

'Now we cancel school for cold?' he told host Terry Meiners on Tuesday. I mean, the idea that any one political election affects weather is so ridiculously preposterous.

The 2019 Teacher of the Year in Kentucky Jessica Duenas was not happy with the governor's comments.

Meteorologist Al Roker on Wednesday lashed out at Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) for refusing to cancel school to protect children from a so-called polar vortex that's sweeping most of the nation.

Bevin's lawyers want the bill handed to Davis, and say she acted alone in denying the marriage licenses. This week the majority of the United States will experience extreme weather conditions, with temperatures falling so far some areas will feel like 40 or 50 degrees below zero. "We're getting soft", he said repeatedly. Other school districts and many colleges also closed on Wednesday, when temperatures were expected to hover between a high of 11 degrees and a low of 4 degrees.

"It's better to err on the side of being safe, and I'm being only slightly facetious", Bevin said.

Bevin hit back: 'Come on, now.

Kentucky's Tea Party Republican Governor Matt Bevin is once again getting blasted, this time for remarks he made about the weather.

The governor's comments drew criticism from Republican gubernatorial challenger Rep. Robert Goforth, who took a shot at Bevin's education.

Bevin, who was born in Colorado and grew up in New Hampshire, attended the Gould Academy, a college preparatory school in Bethel, Maine, where annual tuition for boarding students is now $61,350. And then the famous weatherman tore into Bevin.

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