Kyler Murray Has Officially Made A Decision On The NFL

Kyler Murray Has Officially Made A Decision On The NFL

"I have started an extensive program to further prepare myself for the upcoming National Football League workouts and interviews", Murray said. And with baseball becoming both increasingly expensive, professionalized and hard at the youth level-kids who harbor major league dreams are forced into endless travel ball circuits, highly competitive All-Star leagues and expensive private coaching before they've even reached puberty-it's easy to see those would-be Kyler Murrays choosing football or basketball, too.

"Things have certainly changed since the draft", Billy Beane, Oakland's executive vice president of baseball operations, said before the announcement. While Murray was constantly dodging the issue at hand, today, the former Oklahoma Sooner took to Twitter to release a statement where he made it clear that he will be pursuing football as a career. "The situation is fluid right now and based on a historic college football season that the young man had". Murray is preparing for the National Football League combine, which begins February 26, rather than spring training (Oakland's position players report Friday). You can't blame the league for that, but it does represent how precarious baseball's position on the media map is, as MLB fights the NFL and National Basketball Association for the eyeballs and dollars of fans. "Something like that is something that is part of our private discussions".

Murray announced his decision to exclusively concentrate on the gridiron Monday on Twitter. He will reportedly repay $1.29m (£1m) of the $1.5m (£1.17m) he received a year ago and forfeit the remaining $3.16m (£2.46m). He already received $1.5 million of his signing bonus and was to receive an additional $3.16 million on March 1. Plus, Oakland has enough depth in the outfield to withstand Murray's departure.

ESPN's draft experts, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, both project Murray as a first-round pick.

In exchange for a more immediate payday and a quicker path to competing at his sport's highest level, of course, Murray will play a much more physically demanding game that comes with a heightened risk of both short- and long-term injury.

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