Mueller could tell all in Manafort court filing

Mueller could tell all in Manafort court filing

The likelihood that former Trump campaign chairman and convicted felon Paul Manafort, 69, will spend the rest of his days in prison increased on Friday, as it was revealed that NY state prosecutors have built a criminal case against him in the event that the president attempts to grant him a pardon for federal crimes.

The sentencing memorandum is the last major requisite court filing in Mueller's longest running case, a sprawling prosecution of Manafort that led investigators to gather exhaustive information about his hidden Cypriot bank accounts, Ukrainian political efforts in Europe and the U.S., and into Manafort's time on the 2016 presidential campaign.

Prosecutors aren't expected to recommend leniency because a judge found earlier this month that Manafort lied to investigators after he had agreed to cooperate. In February, Mueller brought a separate bank fraud and tax fraud case in Virginia, while Gates pleaded guilty and has been cooperating with prosecutors.

However, it argued that there are "many aggravating sentencing factors and no warranted mitigating factors" in Manafort's conduct, a recommendation that increases the likelihood that the once-wealthy political consultant will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Manafort, who turns 70 in a month, has been jailed since June for the witness tampering. Overall, Mueller has produced charges against 34 individuals, including six former Trump aides, and three companies.

Mueller's prosecutors have been handing off other pending legal matters to the U.S. Attorney's Office for D.C., and the Department of Justice is readying for Mueller to formally conclude his work.

NBC News' Ken Dilanian noted that nothing in the document indicated Manafort colluded with Russians to affect the outcome of the presidential election, which was the original task Mueller's office was given to investigate. That deception voided the plea deal.

Manafort's is set to be sentenced March 8 in Virginia and March 13 in Washington.

We will update this story once any additional documentation is available. "And no reference to any kind of Russian Federation conspiracy", Dilanian said on MSNBC.

It's the last requisite court filing in Mueller's exhaustive investigation that dug into Manafort's hidden Cypriot bank accounts, Ukrainian political efforts in Europe and the well as his time working with the Trump campaign. "But this document suggests that he either has the evidence or that he is keeping it secret for his own reasons". But he has flipped not only Paul Manafort, but Michael Cohen, Mike Flynn. Yet none of them, none, have been charged and no allusion has been made to any kind of conspiracy with Russian Federation. My date thinks I have a bladder issue'.

Information from Reuters and The Associated Press was used in this report.

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