Opera browser for Android gets VPN in beta

Opera browser for Android gets VPN in beta

As we mentioned, the free VPN in Opera browser beta is being rolled out in a phased manner and not all users can now access the VPN tool in the app.

Now the company has taken things a step further by including a VPN inside its Android browser and beta users around the world will be the first to test out the new feature.

A VPN lets you route all your device's data through a secure connection before heading out into the wider internet. Since VPNs see all your traffic, it's important that you trust the provider. Many free VPNs have an ulterior motive and will retain logs of your activities. Opera says its new free VPN keeps zero logs.

Once you turn the option on, you can choose your virtual location - the choices aren't as good as you'd get from a commercial VPN service, but you do get to choose whether you want to be virtually located in Europe, America or Asia. Just like that version, the mobile browser also offers you to bypass VPN when accessing search engines.

With that being said, you can put faith on free VPN if it's coming from a trustable source like Opera. If you want to try the feature right now then you can head to the Google Play Store and download the Opera beta app. However, the VPN is not going to be offered as a standalone app though.

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