Pirated iOS apps are being distributed through Apple's enterprise developer program

Pirated iOS apps are being distributed through Apple's enterprise developer program

Many of these underground app marketplaces have their own ads to make money, and a few offer paid subscriptions with access to exclusive hacked content and other perks. While it may be hard to believe things could get any worse that that, a third category of abuse has now been discovered: hacked and pirated versions of legitimate apps like Spotify and Minecraft.

Users who get hold of modified versions of the apps, which enables them to bypass Apple Store and having to pay for the products.

Apple the enterprise certificates of both when the company became aware of the breach of its terms.

Numerous certificates were also fraudulently applied for using the name of legitimate companies, with TechCrunch reporting that the process of applying for the certificate only involved filling in a web form with some details of a legitimate company which could easily be acquired from a web search, paying $299 to Apple and answering a phone call a few weeks later.

Dozens of porn apps and illegal gambling apps sneaked into Apple's App Store by gaming its Enterprise Certificate program created to let large companies build in-house employee apps.

According to a recent report by Reuters, pirates are using the Apple Enterprise Developer program to distribute pirated games and apps. In doing so, they are enriching themselves at the cost of Apple and the original developers. On Twitter, the pirates have a combined 600,000+ followers.

All it can do is cancel the certificates if it finds misuse.

Unfortunately, Apple has no way of tracking apps that are signed with enterprise certificates.

Soon after Facebook and Google were found abusing Apple's app policies, a new investigation has revealed that there are dozens of apps related to pornography and gambling. This is clearly a violation of Apple's App Store and developer rules.

Apple is also addressing the abuse of its Developer Program by two-factor authentication be turned on by the end of the month for all accounts using the service. Spotify (which is cracking down on ad blockers) declined comment, while none of the others immediately responded to the request. Apple's Developer Enterprise program has proven to be a ideal opportunity for this, allowing apps to be installed on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Sadly, it seems like this will ultimately make life more complicated for legitimate members of the Developer Enterprise program.

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