Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Call Official "Truce" - Ending Their "Feud"

Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Call Official

If you've been around the internet, particularly Twitter, for any reasonable amount of time, then it's likely you already know how much Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman love trolling each other. The amusing social media banter attracts a lot of attention from their respective followers.

"I love Hugh Jackman, I think he's one of the kindest, nicest people on the planet", Reynolds said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in May 2018,"He's the sweetest man you'll ever meet and, at the same time, I'm kind of upset that he's hung up the claws for Wolverine".

A lot of Marvel fans hope for a Wolverine-Deadpool combo on-screen, especially since Reynold's solo film on the Mercenary with a Mouth became a hit among moviegoers.

"Official truce with [Hugh Jackman]!"

Hugh, 50, started Laughing Man Coffee in 2011 with several locations in NY.

It all began during Reynolds' appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" when host Ellen DeGeneres asked whether Wolverine would make a cameo in a "Deadpool" film. Their friendship is the stuff of legend, showing a true bond between the two whilst roasting each other (which is what best friends do, am I right?). I can't seem to bring him back. Every other, other day he takes the call.

In December, Reynolds posted a photo with Jackman and fellow actor Jake Gyllenhaal, in which Reynolds was the only person wearing a Christmas sweater. But yeah, no, it's not really a rivalry. "I feel like I missed my window to have Deadpool and Wolverine working together".

Laughing Man, which Jackman set up in 2011, supports coffee farmers in developing nations and helps them sell their goods to USA consumers and companies for a fair price.

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