Serial killer staged victims' bodies with cigars and fur coats

Serial killer staged victims' bodies with cigars and fur coats

This story contains graphic details that some readers may find disturbing.

Craig Harper, a Crown attorney, said the Crown was seeking consecutive sentences for the six murders that McArthur was eligible to be charged for.

Prosecutors also say that a ninth possible victim was found bound and naked in McArthur's house when he was arrested in January 2018.

Investigators found McArthur had a USB drive that contained a directory with nine subfolders, Cantlon said, eight for the men he killed and the ninth for the man found at the time of McArthur's arrest.

Bruce McArthur, who pleaded guilty last week to eight counts of first-degree murder, is slated to hear from victims' families and friends who will give statements to the court.

Police a year ago found the remains of seven men in large planters at a midtown Toronto property where McArthur had worked and used as storage. Numerous victims, for instance, had to hide their sexuality from family members or contend with unstable housing situations, he said. Many met or corresponded with Mr. McArthur through dating apps, " Cantlon said.

The man, of Middle Eastern descent, was perhaps saved only because police arrived at McArthur's door, after connecting the killer to the death of Andrew Kinsman.

Cantlon said on Monday that the Crown doesn't have evidence to indicate McArthur killed anyone else, though Toronto police continue to investigate cold and missing persons cases.

"John" is an immigrant and hasn't disclosed his sexuality to his family. Most of the killings took place under the pretence of sex at McArthur's home.

Cantlon described the extensive collection of photographs McArthur kept of his victims - many of them taken while they were alive. McArthur and John had been intimate on several occasions before January 18, 2018. John replied that their rendezvous was a secret.

John begged McArthur to remove it, but the killer refused.

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Canadian serial killer Bruce McArthur staged photos of some of his victims after they died, posing corpses in fur coats and cigars in their mouths, a prosecutor has told a court.

McArthur strangled his victims, using rope or a windlass and he placed all the victims' dismembered body parts at 53 Mallory Cres. or in a nearby ravine, court heard. Days before, investigators had even surreptitiously searched McArthur's apartment for evidence. McArthur didn't listen to his requests to remove the bag, according to Cantlon.

Unbeknownst to McArthur, he was already under police surveillance at the time and police busted into his apartment when they saw him bringing "John" home. They later charged McArthur for the murders of Majeed Kayhan, Dean Lisowick, Soroush Mahmudi, Skandaraj Navaratnam, Abdulbasir Faizi, and Kirushna Kanagaratnam. The same fur coat, seen in multiple images of deceased victims, was found in in the room. They couldn't make out the van's plates or who was driving.

As part of Project Houston's 2012 investigation into the disappearances of Navaratnam, Kayhan and Faizi, police interviewed McArthur as a witness - not a suspect - because he knew all three men. "I miss him very much", said Kinsman's sister Karen Coles.

The man escaped and called police.

McArthur was the only one who owned the 2004 model, the only one whose auto had chrome siding and lacked fog lights, and the only one Toronto police had recently brought in for an interview - an encounter in June 2016 during which McArthur, under arrest for assault but never charged, told his questioners where he lived.

He declined to speak further on the case, saying the attention should be on the victims giving statements at McArthur's sentencing that day.

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