Trump doubts deal possible by border security committee

Trump doubts deal possible by border security committee

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared a pre-emptive victory in her first post-shutdown press conference, sticking to her "not a dime" position on border wall funding despite the looming deadline.

"No, because if there's no wall, it doesn't work". She's just playing games. The California Democrat said she wants to see the negotiators' bipartisan bill by next Friday.

Trump tweeted that if the lawmakers were "not discussing or contemplating a Wall or Physical Barrier, they are Wasting their time!"

"Because the only thing that works for security and safety for our country is a wall".

Later, he wrote: "The Wall is getting done one way or the other!" But if you don't have a wall, they're all just wasting their time.

But he then said he wasn't optimistic about reaching an agreement.

"I'm waiting until February 15". Trump fired back shortly after the conference saying: "You have so many people coming up from Tijuana Nancy Pelosi will be begging for a wall", suggesting that the matter is far from decided. "Without a wall, it doesn't work", he said.

On Wednesday, Pelosi announced she wouldn't invite Trump to host the State of the Union in the House Chamber until the government reopened. As the Corps is usually used for disaster preparedness and cleanup, the administration worries that using those funds for a border wall would spark legal and political pushback. It is not a negotiation for the president's sake. Let's move it to Arizona.

Shortly after Pelosi said there would be no wall in the compromise border security package Trump talked about migrant caravans headed to the USA and said: "Nancy Pelosi will be begging for a wall".

"Democrats are once again supporting strong border security as an essential component of homeland security". Democrats, despite all of the evidence, proof and Caravans coming, are not going to give money to build the DESPERATELY needed WALL. I've got you covered.

"I don't expect much help!" he said. It would also freeze the number of border patrol agents and block any wall construction in wildlife refuges along the border.

Over the past several days, Trump has withdrawn from public view, a break from his practice during this month's extended government shutdown of inviting reporters to watch as he met with officials and activists to build the case for a wall. John Hoeven, R-N.D. "To get to an agreement we've got to have all three in there". Pelosi did signal openness to "infrastructure" and "fencing".

The Commander-in-Chief was speaking with reporters at the White House when he responded to Pelosi's recent budget proposal that refused to finance his promised border wall.

Pelosi said there was already more than 600 miles of barriers along the Mexican border, including 300 miles of "Normandy" fencing, a metal barrier created to block people and vehicles.

"If the president wants to call that a wall, he can call it a wall", she concluded.

"Because of the work we did years ago we've already built nearly 1100kms of fencing on our nation's border", said Democrat David Price. "Let them have that discussion".

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