US airstrike kills 35 al-Shabab fighters in Somalia

US airstrike kills 35 al-Shabab fighters in Somalia

On Sunday, the United States military stated that it carried out four air raids in southern Somalia on Saturday, murder two al-Shabab terrorists.

In a statement Monday, the USA military command for the African continent said the airstrike took place on Sunday about 23 miles (37 kilometers) east of Beledweyne in the Hiran region and targeted the fighters as they were traveling in a rural area.

"We continue to support our Somali partners, especially when their operations provide us opportunities to take the fight to Al Shabaab as an element of our partnered strategy", Gen. Gregg Olson, operations director of AFRICOM, said in a statement.

The United States carried out almost 50 strikes in Somalia in 2018.

The US has recently boosted its attacks against the group, killing 62 militants in coordinated strikes in December and over 50 more in January.

In one strike last month, Africa Command said it killed 52 Somali militants.

A United Nations panel of experts monitoring sanctions on Somalia has described the country's troops as largely poorly equipped and underpaid, conditions that cause some personnel to sell their weapons or uniforms for a little cash.

But Africa Command head General Thomas Waldhauser this month told United States lawmakers that air strikes alone would not stop Shabaab, and he called on Somalia's army to take more responsibility in the fight.

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