Weekend: May rejects pivot towards Brexit customs union compromise

Weekend: May rejects pivot towards Brexit customs union compromise

Seven of Britain's top 10 export markets are in the European Union, with Germany second behind the United States.

Shadow Scottish secretary Lesley Laird said that Labour remain convinced that the best outcome is a general election to get rid of the current Tory Government.

"It's not just businesses but families too that are now being impacted by the uncertainty".

The prime minister's office said she would tell parliament that "the talks are at a crucial stage". May told MPs on Tuesday.

The PM will say "we now all need to hold our nerve" to get the changes needed to get her Brexit deal through Parliament by the 29 March deadline.

May has indicated, to the fury of Brexiters, that she is prepared to negotiate with Corbyn, raising their suspicions she might opt to ask the EU for Britain to remain permanently in the customs union, a deal she could get the Commons to endorse by seeking cross-party support. May can strike a compromise that will win over critics.

She has been trying to secure changes to the backstop arrangement - the "insurance" policy to avoid a return to border checks on the island of Ireland. Opponents, including dozens of Ms.

"We are determined to organize via this accord an orderly exit" of the United Kingdom from the European Union, Michel Barnier, the bloc's chief Brexit negotiator, told reporters in Luxembourg.

But Mr Johnson insisted that a separate codicil setting out amendments to the backstop plan would not be "good enough", indicating that he is holding out for changes to the text of the agreement itself.

Ms. May provided few clues on Tuesday as to how she will bridge the impasse and simply told MPs that both sides "agreed that our teams should hold further talks to find a way forward".

Under the suspected plan, May would call time on her Premiership shortly after finally delivering Brexit.

Britain's prime minister appears to have ruled out incorporating a key idea from the leader of the opposition Labour Party into her reworked Brexit withdrawal deal, according to Rory Stewart, the nation's prisons minister.

Economists say a no-deal Brexit would affect more than 100,000 jobs in Germany that depend on trade with Britain, with the auto industry hardest hit. He has also faced pressure from some of his MPs to push for another public vote on Brexit. European Union leaders have rejected any changes to the legally binding withdrawal agreement.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay will be in Brussels later today to meet the EU's Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

Boris Johnson accused Mr Corbyn of trying to "frustrate" Brexit by demanding a customs union, which he said would prevent the United Kingdom from striking its own trade deals.

A pro-Brexit protester stands outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, Feb. 7, 2019. May's comments, saying that she and other British officials have offered no "concrete proposals to break the deadlock".

"Brexit uncertainty is certainly not helping matters on the economic front, but it is probably only a secondary factor in this slowdown, with the primary cause being a drop in overall global activity", noted David Cheetham, chief market analyst at XTB trading group.

Mounting uncertainty over Brexit is weighing heavily on the British economy, which slowed previous year to its weakest growth rate since the aftermath of the global financial crisis, official figures showed Monday.

The move is aimed at postponing a rebellion by ministers who want to remove the possibility a no-deal Brexit.

Ben Brettell, senior economist at Hargreaves Lansdown, notes that business investment is "the most Brexit-sensitive element" of the British economy. Carney said after a speech in London.

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