Cardi B Responds to Criticism for Trademarking Her Catchphrase "Okurrr"

Cardi B Responds to Criticism for Trademarking Her Catchphrase

According to Rolling Stone, Cardi B has officially filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as of Thursday, via her company Washpoppin, Inc.

As Cardi B continues her unprecedented run that's seemingly turned her into a global superstar overnight, the former exotic dancer turned Grammy Award-winning artist is now looking to capitalize off her success in more ways than one. She's also planning to print the phrase on trousers, shirts, and hoodies for a clothing line.

The Grammy Award victor has reportedly filed paperwork to trademark the slogan, according to E!

The Blast first reported the news. "So you hoes is mad because I trademarked 'Okurrr", Cardi said in an Instagram Live session, mentioning how often she hears people say the phrase because of her. Additionally, she plans on using the catchphrase to sell paper goods such as cups and posters as well. While co-hosting the gig, Fallon asked the star to define "Okurrr", among other Cardi catchphrases. "It depends on the situation that you're in". If somebody checks somebody, it's like.okurrr!

The 30-second commercial, which was of course titled "Okurrr" shows the "I Like It" rapper playfully reassuring diner customers that Pepsi is, in fact, okay to drink... though it takes them a bit to understand what sound she's making.

Although Cardi continuously uses the phrase.

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