Jaguar attacked woman taking picture at zoo in Arizona

Jaguar attacked woman taking picture at zoo in Arizona

Adam Wilkerson, a witness, said he heard someone come running and yelling for help. "Sending prayers to the family tonight".

A woman is now receiving medical treatment after a jaguar attacked her when she crossed over the safety barrier and climbed into the animal enclosure to try to take a selfie with it.

"The jaguar has clasped its claws outside of the cage around her hand and into her flesh", he said.

Video of the aftermath shows the woman with a deep gash in her arm writhing on the ground and moaning in pain.

In a tweet, World Wildlife Zoo released a statement explaining the incident.

"Without thinking, I had no idea what I was going to see, I just ran over there", said Wilkerson.

It is reported that a guest ran over to help the woman who had crossed over a barrier to take a selfie with the jaguar.

The zoo tweeted a statement saying paramedics were called at the request of the woman's family, and at no point was the jaguar out of its enclosure.

The jaguar let go of its grip after he distracted it with a bottle.

No further information was available about the woman or her medical condition, the report said. Last July, a jaguar escaped its enclosure at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans during off hours and killed nine other animals, including three foxes, five alpacas and an emu.

Neither he nor his family, whom he was visiting the zoo with, saw the actual attack so he could not detail how exactly the woman had found herself so close to the animal.

The zoo said the woman crossed a barrier in an attempt to get the photo.

There were no employees nearby during the incident, Wilkerson said.

This is the second time in a month the same jaguar has swiped at a guest, Wildlife World Zoo Director Mickey Ollson told Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV. "But again, when people do not respect the barriers, there's always a chance there might be a problem".

Litchfield Park, where the zoo is located, is about 20 miles from Phoenix in Arizona.

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