Lynne Patton Calls Cohen’s Claims ‘Unsubstantiated,’ Appears at His Testimony

Lynne Patton Calls Cohen’s Claims ‘Unsubstantiated,’ Appears at His Testimony

Michael Cohen, US President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, is sworn in to testify before the House Oversight and Reform Committee. Trump has repeatedly denied the allegation, as has the Kremlin.

Cohen also traced out some of the pathways federal prosecutors could pursue toward potential bank fraud or insurance fraud by Trump's business or its executives.

In one revelation, Cohen said prosecutors in NY were investigating conversations Trump or his advisers had with him after his office and hotel room were raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last April.

He said Cohen made "very demeaning comments about the president that Miss Patton doesn't agree with".

"The Southern District in NY is the investigation that he needs to be the most concerned about", Mr Christie said.

'He lied about so many different things, ' Trump said without getting into specifics.

"The good news is on the underlying campaign finance charge, that the payments to Stormy Daniels were a campaign finance violation", Mr Christie told 7.30. That matched Trump's campaign-trail insistence that he had no pending business with or commercial ties to Russian Federation.

Michael Cohen, US President Donald Trump's former lawyer, departs after testifying before a closed door hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill, in Washington, February 26, 2019. And the Trump allies are now asking the U.S. Justice Department to investigate Cohen for possible perjury.

But in a striking display of remorse, the 52-year-old New Yorker, who was the president's right-hand man at the Trump Organization, said he was ashamed of the time he worked for Trump, protecting him and concealing "illicit acts". "And yet I continued to work for him".

In dramatic public testimony on Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee, the one-time "fixer" for Trump accused the president of breaking the law while in office and said for the first time that Trump knew in advance about a WikiLeaks dump of stolen emails that hurt his 2016 election rival Hillary Clinton. But he does have "suspicions" about it.

In prepared testimony obtained by media, Cohen also says that Trump implicitly told him to lie about a Moscow real estate project. Cohen has admitted lying about the project, which he says Trump knew about as Cohen was negotiating with Russian Federation during the campaign.

Cohen is the highest profile witness since the 1970s Watergate scandal to testify in Congress against a sitting American president. In his opening statement, Cohen again admitted having lied to protect Trump and himself.

Stone, even though he is under a gag order, texted reporters Wednesday: "Mr. Cohen's statement is not true".

There is potentially another Trump Organization associate, described as executive no. 2, who was forwarded the Cohen invoice, according to prosecutors who handled the Cohen case in NY.

"We saw he actually testified there that he would be happy to hand over recordings of clients to the Democrats on the committee, notwithstanding the fact that he has a duty as a withhold that because it is privileged information", said Joy.

On Wednesday, he said Weisselberg decided that reimbursement payments to Cohen should be spread over 12 months so they would look like a retainer agreement, rather than a one-time payment.

Trump responded by saying "wouldn't that be great", Cohen said. Weisselberg and Donald Trump Jr. signed at least one other. At that meeting, Trump allegedly made clear to Cohen what he wanted Cohen to say to Congress-i.e., "no Russian Federation", "no collusion", "no involvement", "no interference", "it's all a witch hunt", and "this has to end". Cohen says Trump also called him to make sure they got their (false) story straight about the matter after The Wall Street Journal reported the payments.

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