Persona 5: The Royal Trailer Reveals New Character

Persona 5 R has been on the minds of every Persona fan since Atlus dropped a very short teaser trailer hinting at the new upcoming game late previous year. Tomorrow, on March 23rd, the finale for Persona 5: The Animation will air, and after it concludes, we'll get to see a peek at some new information regarding the game, according to the official Japanese Twitter account for Persona 5.

It has been a bit of a wait, but Persona 5: The Royal has officially been revealed by Atlus. She is having a conversation with someone who asks for her thoughts on the group. Check out the teaser trailer below, a possible hint at a female MC?

I don't think these Phantom Thieves are really fixing the world, and they're not truly helping people. "In the end, I feel like you can only solve that yourself". This speech at least suggests that she exists alongside the main character and his Phantom Thief pals, so maybe we can rule out the possibility of her being an optional female lead. What is the role that she plays?

Not much else is known about Persona 5: The Royal, but what has been revealed heavily implies it will be a new version of the original Persona 5 with new content and characters. It will be interesting to see as more trailers come out if we will see a multi-platform release for Persona 5 The Royale in much the same way that Persona 4 Golden was released for the PlayStation Vita.

While further details on what the game is weren't provided, Atlus has teased that more will be revealed on April 24 during the live concert event Persona Super Live 2019.

Persona 5: The Royal is in development for PlayStation 4.

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