Republicans and Democrats brace for renewed battles over Mueller report

Republicans and Democrats brace for renewed battles over Mueller report

Attorney General William Barr, seen leaving his home on March 21, will determine how much of the Mueller report to release to Congress and the public.

He spent more than nine hours in the office on Saturday before returning there Sunday.

"It's way too early to speculate about that", Nadler said but demanded that the entire Mueller report be made public because "The only institution that can is Congress, and you should not hide the evidence because that converts it into a cover-up".

We do, however, know that United States attorneys' offices in Brooklyn, the District of Columbia and the Eastern District of Virginia have inquired about the Mueller report.

The famously tight-lipped special counsel then slipped away, leaving Donald Trump's fiercest supporters and critics to wonder whether he had lit a political fuse in the White House or left behind a damp squib.

President Trump has denied any collusion and disparaged the investigation as a "witch hunt".

They called for the full release of the report, as well as documents backing up its findings, and have promised to subpoena any information they do not get.

NBC News' Tom Winter reported that there will be no additional indictments. Some cautioned portions of it might need to remain confidential.

That signals there might be no more criminal charges against Trump associates on the issue of whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russian Federation to help the real estate magnate beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

A number of senior Democrats, including presidential hopefuls Beto O'Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Julian Castro, have called for the full release of the report. He racked up 37 indictments, convictions or plea deals (nearly 200 charges) from three Russian companies and other individuals, including the president's former campaign chief, his former deputy campaign chief, his former national security adviser and his former personal lawyer.

"We know there was collusion".

"The Mueller investigation has shown us what the American people already know and that's that Trump and his inner circle are corrupt", she said.

"They fully intend to impeach the president and they don't care about the basis", said Cruz.

On Friday, Attorney General Barr sent a letter to both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, informing them there would be "as much transparency as possible".

The report, of course, concluded Mueller's almost two-year investigaiton into whether members of the Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russian officials to impact the outcome of the 201 presidential elections, and into whether the President himself obstructed justice in the matter.

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives scheduled a conference call on Saturday afternoon to discuss next steps and messaging, congressional aides said. "Now they're launching other charges, other investigations".

Shortly after, he followed up with a more traditional Trump Tweet, "Make America Great Again!"

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